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Thomas Cranmer

Hamer has produced a really useful short guide to the life of Thomas Cranmer. It has only one hundred and twenty six pages which include; a timeline, nine chapters, recommended further reading and a very helpful glossary of some of the terms used.

Hamer’s aim is to “assess his (Cranmer’s) life from the perspective of a twenty first century evangelical’. (Page 12) Cranmer is seen in the context of his massive contribution to the English church scene of today, especially of the Anglican Church.Thomas

Colin Hamer has done a great service to the Christian public in making this book available. It is part of the excellent series, ‘Bitesize Biographies’. Little is available on the life of Cranmer, apart from Jasper Ridley’s rather dated biography and the magisterial but distinctly academic classic by Mac Culloch. The author freely draws from this book producing a biography that is bite size, readable and accessible to a wider public.Thomas

Colin Hamer’s “Thomas Cranmer” presents the story of the great English reformer in an appealing manner, with an honest description of his weaknesses and failures as well as a proper emphasis on his good and endearing qualities. An additional benefit from this brief book is a readable and accurate survey of the convoluted English history during the time of Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary Tudor. I was informed and inspired as I read of Cranmer, “the architect of the Church of England”.’ David B. Calhoun, Professor Emeritus of Church History, Covenant Theological SeminaryThomas

Anne Boleyn

This book does a great job introducing us to the way of thinking, traditions, superstitions and mode of life in the middle ages. Helping us, in the 21st century, understand it.Anne Boleyn

This book is part of the ‘History Today’ series and is an interesting summary of the importance of Anne Boleyn to Tudor history, particularly the rise of the Protestant church in the UK. However it is overlaid with a strange modern mindset where people’s behaviour and faith are often measured against 21st century mores rather than the sixteenth century setting and with a rather anti-catholic feel running through the book. The author certainly gives Anne the benefit of the doubt in most cases where events have been variously interpreted but presents a good case for her importance in our history, as well as some modern theological reflections on historical events which were sometimes a little awkward. It’s an easily readable book and some of the information about the harshness and difficulties of life in Tudor England was fascinating.Anne

This book was well written and easy to follow. The history of Anne Boleyn is well portrayed and myths and fiction surrounding her are cleared up. It is not a thick book and such is a good introduction into the life of Anne Boleyn.

It is certainly a good read for those who are interested in history, especially surrounding the entry of the Reformation in England and the huge role Anne Boleyn played in securing a strong foothold for the Reformation in England.Anne

Being a Christian Husband

I liked this book straight from the start. It is about men being godly men in their marriage. This world needs Christian men to demonstrate what being a godly Christian husband is like. We live in a world where young men often grow up in single parent homes and don’t know what a father behaves like, or where young men see a father behave in a way that may even be good, but isn’t godly. Even marriages between Christians aren’t necessarily Christian marriages, in other words they don’t follow God’s guidelines.Being a Christian HusbandBlogspot

The Bible shows us that a key role for a man was to be a husband. Here he could find his place in the family and society, have an outlet for his energies and creativity, and bear the responsibility and authority that God had uniquely suited him for. It is a noble and worthy thing to be a Christian husband. This book is intended to explore this role, which God created when he first brought Eve to Adam. From Adam’s Edenic experience, to God’s first lessons to him, their outworking in the Old Testament, and then more fully in the teaching of the New Testament, it deals with what it is to be the husband God intended for Eve’s blessing, and therefore for the benefit of all married womenBeing a Christian